IN questions

What is the IN Youth Network?

IN network is a network for youth under 30 years old. IN network connects you to your friends with minutes to all networks and Unlimited MBs on Social and Music Apps. - 5 daily and monthly tariffs to suit your needs - Call all networks from your bundle without paying any extra fees - Unlimited Internet on Social & Music apps - You can use your unlimited Megabytes on Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter. You can also use them to listen music on IN Mazika , Anghami, Soundcloud, Nile FM & Nogoom FM - Exclusive Customer Service for IN on 2020 - Exclusive Web- Chat for IN through IN Application

Do I have to change my Mobile Number to Join IN?

If you have a Vodafone line, you can join IN with the same Number. If you have any other line, you can buy a new IN line with a new number, or keep your same Number and Join IN through the nearest store.

How can I buy an IN line?

You can buy an IN Line through any Vodafone Store, or you can buy it online through

How can I recharge my IN Line?

You can recharge your line through Vodafone Recharge Cards, IN Recharge Cards, ETop-Up, Fawry or Fakka Cards

What is the IN Application?

With the IN Application you can: - Find out which of your friends are on IN and invite those who still haven?t joined - Listen to & download Songs - Chat with IN Customer Service - Keep Track of your Usage & Set Data Thresholds Notifications - Stay up to date with the latest news for the IN Bands - Subscribe to all IN Plans & Add-ons - Keep track of your Balance & Recharge

How can I keep track of how much I have consumed from my IN Plan?

You can keep track of your usage consumption through *20#, 2020, or IN Application

How can I find out which of my friends are on the IN Network?

You can find out which of your friends are on IN through or the IN Application